Welcome to Ranga Taana

About Me

The unique wooden cottages add to the feel of living in the woods, one with nature. Homemade authentic malnad cuisine is served for all meals and be rest assured that we would efficiently take care of your taste buds. Ranga Taana is a perfect getaway for everyone. It is situated in close proximity for those who desire to see the famous locations like Kemmangundi, Hebbe falls, Kalhatti falls, Amrutheshwara temple etc. If you belong to the urban crowd who want to explore the remote waterfalls and trekking trails where only your team is present along with our guidance and also for you to enjoy the serenity of the untouched woods, then look no further and visit Ranga Taana for an unforgettable experience.

Our Mission

  • Our dream is to free Western Ghats from Plastics. We request you to help us in this mission by not throwing any plastics, papers, bottles etc. and also by picking and gathering them at one spot for adequate disposal.
  • We want to keep RangaTaana and surrounding forest to be fire free. We take adequate measures while setting up camp fires in the allotted areas and also request you to be extremely cautious and responsible with this aspect.
  • The remote water falls in our estates are pure water bodies and once downstream, they are used by several villages for drinking purpose. We are totally against littering in any part of Western Ghats and especially in the water falls. We do not allow for use of any soap/shampoo or any other chemical substance that can pollute the purity.
  • As we are in a remote place, we are strictly advised by the local forest authorities not to play loud music. We however encourage you to play light music from your mobile phones or even better if you can sing as a group.
  • Please come with an urge to enjoy nature.